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 Breast  Stomach  Liver  Kidney
 Brain  Thyroid  Prostate   Skin
 Colon  Ovaries  Intestine  Uterus
 Lungs  Lymphoma  Mouth  Cervix
Bone Melanoma Bladder Penis


 Vagina  Gallbladder
Hypo/Hypertension Stroke  
Tuberculosis Cardiac or Heart |Disease  
Alzheimer Demential  
Terminal Ailments Drug Resistant Ailments  
HIV/AIDS Paralysis  
Eclampsia  Diabetes  
Tremor or Parkinson Hepatitis A, B & C  
Ear Infection/Cancer Strange Ailments  


List Of Total Curable Impurities & Infections

 Asthma  Pneumonia  Typhoid Fever Ulcers STD'S Low or No Libido Low or No Erection
 Unpleasant Vagina Odour  Unpleasant Breath/Mouth Odour Low sperm Count  Watery Sperm Early Menopause  Poor Vision  Excessive Snoring
 Bacterial Meningitis  Fibroid  Menstrual Pains (Endometriosis)  Primary & Secondary Infertility(Male/Female)  Fallopian Tubes Blockade  Candida and yeast infection  Arthritis pain and Rheumatism

Persisting Eye Bags

Swelling around the Eyes Sore or wound that has refused to heal  Crawling Sensation in the body  Lost of Voice or Inability to Speak  Spinal cord Injury that has refused to heal  Insomenia or inability to sleep well
Inability to have self control over stooling and urinating, etc.   Low Libido/Dry Vagina  Zika Virus Low Libido/Loose Vagina   Lassa Fever  Premature Aging
Low immune System  Water in the Scrotum          

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